Brownies & Tray Bakes



Triple chocolate Brownie (GF) £1.60
Oreo brownies (VG) £1.70
Raspberry and White Chocolate (GF) £1.80
Raspberry and Chocolate (GF)(VG) £1.80
Chocolate Orange (GF)(VG) £1.70
Chocolate Hazelnut  (GF)(VG) £1.70
Biscoff Brownies (VG) £1.70
Peanut butter and Jam (GF) (VG) £1.70
Red Velvet Brownie (GF)£1.80
Cookie dough brownie (GF) (VG) £1.80
S'mores Brownie (GF) £1.90
Snickers Brownie (VG) £2
Forrero Brownies I £2
Salted Caramel (GF) (V) £1.80
Cheesecake Brownie (GF) £1.80
Crunchy Caramel brownie £2
Jammy dodger Blondie £1.80
Tiramisu brownies £2


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