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An assorted box of gourmet cookies. Made with the highest quality of ingredients to pack in as much flavour and goodness in every single bite.

Chocolate and Iced Pastry


Stuffed cookies 

Nutella stuffed

Chocolate cookie with whole hazelnut and milk chocolate chunks, stuffed with oozing Nutella.


Raspberry chunk cookie with white chocolate Chunks stuffed with chunky crunchy peanut butter.


Digestive style chunky cookie 

With ganache and marshmallow fluff stuffed inside 

Biscoff & Caramel  

Brown sugar Caramel cookie with milk and white cookie stuffed with Biscoff spread 

Mega Chunk Cookies

Funky Chunky Cookie

The Ultimate, The Classic milk chocolate chip cookie

Blackout White Choc Chunk

An Oreo style chocolate cookie base with white chocolate chunks

Hazelnut Praline Milk Chunk 

Hazelnut praline cookie base with whole hazelnut and milk chocolate chuncks

White chunk chip macadamia 

Classic cookie base with chunks of white chocolate and whole macadamia nuts 

Matcha White Chunk 

A matcha (green tea) cookie base with chunks of white chocolate 

Chunky Monkey Chip

Banaan Cookie base with crunchy peanut butter and milk chocolate chunks 

Ginger ninja Dark Choc Chip

Ginger cookie base with crystallised stem ginger and dark chocolate chunks  

Sprinkle Party Chunk Chip

Burnt butter cookie base with white chocolate chunks and rainbow party sprinkles.

Maple Butter Pecan 

Maple burnt fudge cookie base with pecan and milk chocolate chunks.

Strawberry Dark Chip

strawberry infused cookie base with white chocolate chunks

Mint Dark Chip

Dark chocolate cookie base with fresh mint and milk chocolate chunks 

Orange Milk Chip

Chocolate orange cookie with fresh orange zest caramelised orange pieces and milk chocolate chunks


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