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Want to step up you cake decorating skills? Want to know how to get that perfect rise on your cake? We are here to help!

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This recipe includes:


How to colour hybrid buttercream 

Flavour variations 

How to make a vegan version

This is a supper easy straightforward recipe that doesn’t have and complicated or hard to find ingredients. 

You don’t need: 

No Condensed Milk

No Eggs / Pasteurised Egg Whites

No shortening

No Aquafaba

No Agar Agar

No Gelatine

No White Chocolate

No Whey Protein

No Artificial Creamers

This recipe can be:

Used under Fondant

Is silky smooth 

Easy to make

Perfect for stencilling onto cakes 

Easy to colour (even with gel colours!)

Doesn’t Crusting 

Perfect for sharp edges and smooth finishes 

Easy to scale 

Can be refrigerated for 1 week or even  frozen for 3 months.

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Ever wandered what it would be like to have me in the kitchen with you?! Well, me and my 6+ years of professional baking skills are here to help! I wrote this book really to be a bakers best friend! It cuts out a lot of the stuff that takes years of trail and error to figure out to get the best results. ANYONE can become a skilled baker! You just need to learn the building blocks of baking. Not only am I giving you my tried and tested recipes but also the skills and understanding to personalise the recipes to your own style and taste. 

This book contains:

Speciality ingredients 

How to scale a recipe 

Vanilla sponge cake recipe 

Vanilla cake adaptation 

Chocolate cupcake 

Chocolate layer cake adaptation 

White chocolate Mud cake 

Signature hybrid Buttercream 

Swiss meringue buttercream 

Caramel recipe 

Ganache recipe (including white, milk and dark chocolate)

Recipes & Ebooks: Team Members
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